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Ganked off [livejournal.com profile] likeatruck and [livejournal.com profile] zekkass and about a bazillion other people:

the idea )

Digital wishes:
Icons. Moar Supernatural (Urieeeeeeeeeeeeeel!) and GOTH ones would be sweet. :D
Some sort of Hell!Cas 'Verse-related header image for [info]hellcas_verse. (Relevant values are 609x250, #180000, #520b0b, #784818, and black as ninja. :D)
Fic, you guys! (Anything is awesome, but if you need ideas, the world needs more Hardiship crossovers, Leoben/Kara/Sam, and dirtybadwrong SPN fic. ;3)
Fanart. Kiiiiiiinda want fanart of the Anna/Dean/Uriel + Claire family unit.

Material wishes*:
Ironic and/or just plain weird t-shirts in ladies' size M (or mens' size S) and up. Also, band t-shirts of bands I have never heard of.
Secondhand books of any genre.
Cheap jewelery/decorative trinkets.

RL wishes:
I want each and every one of you glorious, beautiful villains people to keep being the awesome people you are, and to have a lovely holiday season full of happiness and world domination cheer.
I also want to win the lottery so I can go visit [info]likeatruck.

(*Address will be provided in PM if anyone wants it.)