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Yep, that's right! It's an update by yours truly!

Mostly, I'm posting to let everyone know I'm still around and kicking, despite my prolonged hiatus. Life has been crazy busy lately, and hasn't left all that much time for internet tiems.

Some things that have happened during my absence:
  • I'm back in school, doing the economics thing again.
  • The temporary work lasted a well into January, and I still get called in every now and again to help out.
  • I'm applying for work at a local nerd store. They seemed pretty desperate for a girl employee, so it might actually pan out?
  • Supernatural is, I think, officially dead to me. Still love S4-6, but I'm fine with pretending it ended there and didn't go on.
  • Person of Interest is the best show ever, though. Srsly, how is it so awesome?
  • Me and the bff are creating a space opera tabletop RPG together, for great justice.
  • I'm going to start reviewing video games for a friend's queer nerds site.
  • I got voted onto the board of the gaming association I'm in.Vice chairman, bitches. I've spent most of my time in office making another boardmember hate me (not that I'm that bothered, considering that he's a dick who wants to get paid to show up to boardmeetings).
  • And yes, I decided to move from LJ to DreamWidth. Still gonna crosspost everything, so no worries, friends who don't want to move. <3