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Life once everything's gone to Hell (perhaps literally). 

I like my characters very fucked up. Tragedy, angst, darkness, brokenness, guilt issues, shame, nightmares, self-hatred, it's all delicious.

Possessiveness & Jealousy
Yeah, pretty much what it says on the tin. :)

Restraint By Physical Force
Pinning someone down; pushing someone's arm up behind their back during sex; covering or clasping someone's hands to prevent movement.

Violent & Dark Natures
Sociopaths who make twisted, scary displays of affection, conflating love and violence ♥; murderers and assassins; criminals and villains in general; characters who are ruthless, merciless, casually vengeful; soulless demons or vampires; monsters in general. I LOVE THE DARK STUFF, OKAY?


Angel Sanctuary: Alexiel/Rosiel, Rosiel/Katan, Kira/Kato, Belial/anyone.
Battlestar Galactica: Leoben/Kara, Leoben/Kara/Sam, Kara/Felix, Gaius/Felix, Head!Six/Gaius.
Criminal Minds: Hotch/Morgan, Foyet/Hotch.
GOTH: Kamiyama/Morino.
Leverage: Hardison/anyone.
REPO! The Genetic Opera: Any combination of Amber, Luigi, Pavi.
Supernatural: Lucifer/Castiel, Meg/Castiel, Balthazar/Dean, Castiel/Sam, Lucifer/Dean, any pairing that isn't Dean/Castiel or Gabriel/Sam.
The Mentalist: Red John/anyone, Jane/Cho.
Touching Evil: Creegan/Rivers.


Supernatural, Lucifer/Dean, collar, for [livejournal.com profile] zekkass.
From: [identity profile] carinascott.livejournal.com
{Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, (Jealousy and Restraint)}


He knows better. He knows how Eliot will react, but it doesn’t stop him. In fact, it spurs him on.

Turning to the petite brunette next to him, Hardison continues to flirt up a storm. He compliments her on her eyes, offers to buy her a drink, even going so far as to brush a stray piece of hair from her shoulder as he tells her yet another joke.

He feels the growl from behind more than he hears it, and immediately knows that Eliot is more than a little pissed. It sends a dangerous thrill through Hardison, causing a visual shudder as his arousal surges. The woman sees the shudder, and her eyes widen in surprise, then shutter in her own arousal.

Knowing it’s time to go, before the woman decides to stake a claim that isn’t hers, Hardison smiles charmingly at the now sputtering young woman as he bids her adieu. He almost feels bad for using her in such a way, but seeing the heated, possessive look in Eliot’s eyes quickly rids him of the feeling. Instead it is replaced by lust, love, and a heady mix of fear and excitement as Eliot stalks toward him.

But Hardison isn’t ready to give up this dangerous game, smiling widely as Eliot nears. “You got a pen, man?”

Hardison expects a growl, or a flippant comment, so he’s taken completely by surprise when Eliot grabs his arm and practically drags him from the bar. He hears the high pitched giggles from Parker and Sophie, as well as Parker’s “Somebody’s in trouble”, followed by more laughter. He wonders for a moment where Nate is, but the insistent tug on his arm distracts him.

He expects Eliot to drag him to his truck, or maybe even to Hardison's car, but instead Eliot drags him to the dark alley behind the bar.

Hardison stutters out a curse when he's pushed back against the wet brick, "Man, do you have any idea what the hell is on this wall? You could be exposing me to a lethal virus or something!"

His complaints are cut off as cool air meets the heated flesh of his newly exposed cock. But before he can complain with renewed vigor at his indecent state, he feels Eliot’s hands on his cock, and groans deeply as Eliot begins to fist him hard and fast.

"El! Shit...babe, don't stop..." Hardison pants as he nears his orgasm. Bringing his arms up, Hardison attempts to touch his lover, frowning when Eliot dodges his attempts.

Eliot tears his hands away from Alec's cock, smirking nastily when the younger man whimpers. He pins Hardison's arms to the brick wall, holding them with one hand as his other hand returns to Hardison's cock.
From: [identity profile] carinascott.livejournal.com
But instead of bringing him off hard and fast like he was trying to do before, Eliot slows his pace. Stroking slowly from root to tip, Eliot leans in to nip at Hardison's exposed collarbone. Licking the now throbbing flesh, liking the way the mark looks on his lover, Eliot growls low in his throat when Hardison begins to fuck his fist in desperation. He loves it when Hardison is desperate like this, even more when he knows that he’s the reason for it.

"Move your hands from this position and you'll regret it," Eliot says as he releases Hardison's arms and gracefully falls to his knees. Immediately taking Hardison's cock in his mouth, he sucks with everything in him, seeking to bring his writhing lover to a fast climax.

It doesn't take long before Hardison stills with a keening scream, before relaxing against the wall, completely sated. Looking down at Eliot, Hardison feels a twitch in his cock as he watches his older lover lick his lips in smug satisfaction.

Eliot meets Alec's eyes, noticing with a small smile that Hardison still hasn't moved his arms from the position Eliot had placed them. Rising to his knees, he leans in and kisses Hardison possessively, sharing the hacker's own taste with him. Putting Alec's spent cock back in his jeans, zipping them closed, Eliot licks over the mark he'd made earlier, loving the shiver it causes.

Stepping back, Eliot looks up at Hardison, taking in the glazed expression. "Next time you flirt with someone, I'll tie you up and keep you on edge for hours. Hell, I might not even let you come at all."

From the gasp he hears from his lover, as well as the dilation of Hardison’s pupils, Eliot has a feeling that his warning won't have the desired effect on his lover. Shaking his head, he turns and heads back to the bar. "Come on before Parker comes looking for us."


R, Castiel/resouled!Sam, 1/2

Date: 2011-01-14 09:55 am (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] zekkass.livejournal.com
[ooc: I failed on porn but succeeded at plot so here's to hoping that this is how it goes down when Show comes back. Also there's some background/past Cas/robo!Sam that resouled!Sam has forgotten.]

Sam has claws tearing his arm open before he realizes that he's being attacked. It's not that he wasn't paying attention, just that demons don't usually attack in drug stores when he's trying to pick out a new tube of toothpaste that's not too much for what cash he has.

Sam drops the toothpaste with a pained shout and backpedals away from the demon, now thinking in terms of weapons and cover instead of minty flavors and pricetags. It's not the most pleasant shift, and his arm throbs with pain, but there's still a demon right there trying to kill him.

Except there isn't.

Castiel is suddenly there, palm on the demon's forehead, and then there isn't a demon there anymore.

Sam stares at the back of Castiel's trenchcoat, blood running down his wrist, and he'd really like to know why Cas was here. And what he's been doing, and where he's been - all Dean had told him was that Cas was in Heaven fighting Raphael and nothing else, no explanations.


"Are you hurt?" Cas asks, turning around, the demon's body dropping to the floor with a thud.

Sam holds out his arm. "Just scratches, I'm fine."

He watches Cas' face tighten, and then Cas is closer, much closer, running fingers over the cuts and healing them.

Sam tries very hard not to think about where else those fingers have been and what else Castiel has done for him, back when they could all be dead within days, or worse - he has to forget that whole relationship because that was then and this is now.

Sam saw the hurt frustration on Dean's face when he talked about Cas. He's not like Dean, though - he's not expecting Cas to drop everything in Heaven and stay down here when there's more important stuff to be doing.

"Why are you here?" Sam asks at last.

Cas removes his fingers from Sam's arm and places them on his forehead, and they are in the hotel room. "That demon was a servant. Meant to weaken you so that you could be coerced into being used as a vessel."

"Coerced," Sam says, as that means one thing: "Lucifer's in the Cage."

"Raphael is arrogant," Castiel says, still staring at Sam, "And his servants have learned that from him. Shoftiel's intended vessels have met unfortunate ends. He is not above using foul creatures to achieve his goals."

Sam drops his eyes, sighing. If it's not one thing it's another. "Will there be more?"


Sam looks back at Cas and wonders. "Then you're staying?"

"For now. Yes."

It's not for the best reason in the world, and it's not like Cas is happy to be saying it, but Sam smiles anyway.


R, Castiel/resouled!Sam, 2/2

Date: 2011-01-14 09:55 am (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] zekkass.livejournal.com
After the third attack - this Shoftiel isn't adverse to sending plenty of demons after them - something cracks in Castiel, something Sam can't explain without memories what the last year was, and Sam is shoved up against the wall, Castiel's hands fisted in his shirt and his teeth in Sam's lips.

It's nothing like the kisses they had before. It's rough, angry, violent.

Sam doesn't know if he likes it, but Cas isn't letting him up for air and his cock is a solid ache pressing into Cas' hip. Sam's out of breath and gasping when Cas lets him breathe again, and there's something messy behind Cas' eyes that Sam can't identify.

He struggles to take in enough air before Cas does whatever he wants to next, and the ever-present itch is getting worse because he is reaching to find out why they are doing this and what he should do but -

Castiel shoves him back again, hard enough to make his teeth rattle, grips his shoulders so tightly that there will be bruises later and bends his head to bite at Sam's lips, chin, neck, the skin over his collarbone. Sam can feel Cas' cock pressing into his leg and since when was their relationship this rough?

"Cas - " He gets out, and Cas stills. Sam can't see his face from this angle, but he feels Cas open his teeth, turn his head. The bites burn and they're going to show later, and Sam doesn't know if he wants to shove Cas off or pull him closer or what, and he really shouldn't be listening to what his cock wants right now, not Cas is acting all - not wrong, not really, but weird.

Castiel finally steps back and Sam sees guilt all over his face in the split-second before he's gone.

"...what the hell did I do?" Sam asks empty air and wants to scream because he can't find out, can't follow that itch and unravel the fog that's all that rests between him and the Cage.

Sam thinks angrily that he doesn't want to be protected. Sam thinks that he's being protected for a reason, so he shouldn't do something stupid, something really dangerous.

He argues with himself back and forth for as long as he can, and by then the urge has faded enough so he can ignore it once more.

Sam can't say he's happy, though, and he has no idea how he's going to explain where the bitemarks came from to Dean.


Re: R, Castiel/resouled!Sam, 2/2

Date: 2011-01-14 09:46 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] ravenspear.livejournal.com
Mmmmmmmm. Oh, boys. You are just so deliciously messed up. :9

Thank you so much, dahling! <333

Re: R, Castiel/resouled!Sam, 2/2

Date: 2011-01-14 09:47 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] zekkass.livejournal.com
I'm so glad you liked it!